Mesh Screen

  • Operetta at Kaunas Castle’16

    LED Screens at the international event Operetta at Kaunas Castle. Photo-G.Bitvinskas

  • Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival’16

    60 sq.m. P-8 LED Screen at the XXII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival 2016

  • Pori Jazz’13

    1200 sq.m. Mesh Screen at the International Jazz Festival held in Finland

  • Asian Winter Games’11

    8500 sq.m. LED video screen ceiling at Astana-Almaty Asian Winter Games'11

  • You Can Dance Lithuania’11

    12 sq.m. P-10 LED Screen at the dancing competition You know You Can Dance 2011

  • Rodman Hotel Promo’11

    15 sq.m. P-10 LED Screen and 20 sq.m. P-30 LED Video Floor at the scenes of promo video making for Rodman Hotel

  • The New Wave’11

    LED Screen at the New Wave 2011 at Jurmala, Latvia

  • The Voice of Children’11

    1000 sq.m. Mesh Screen at the Voice of Children 2011

  • Asiada’11 Kazakhstan

    1000 sq.m. transparent circular LED Screen at Astana-Almaty Asian Winter games 2011

  • Eurovision Song Contest’07

    LED Screen at the Eurovision Song Contest'07

  • Laumes Juosta’06

    32 sq.m. LED Screen at children's festival Laumes Juosta 2006